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The Bultex central

We are Second hand clothes Sorting central and Textile recycling company based in Varna-Bulgaria. We are BULTEX. Since 1999 we sort and offer Scandinavian second hand clothes of highest standard. Our production is not only of high quality, it is of best value and it is fashion. The successful accomplishment of this process is based on our long-standing experience at sorting “Original”, constant control at all stages of the production, our experienced staff and long term loyal partnerships with customers and providers. Our aim is to reach the clients’ satisfaction by constantly keeping the highest quality standards and assuring ecologically clean production. We sort clothes and shoes into over 150 categories, which are sold locally and are exported to India, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Benin, Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, Georgia and many countries from the European union. Furthermore we buy clothes unsuitable for our market from other sorting centers and shops to export them for recycling or reuse.